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Bradford Health Services Detoxification in Walker County (Jasper, Talladega, Conecuh, AL)

Bradford Health Services has been treating alcoholism and drug addiction for more than 30 years. Each of the addiction treatment programs are specifically designed to meet the needs of patients and their families in terms of both effectiveness and cost. Every patient receives a multidisciplinary assessment to determine the need for treatment. Abstinence from alcohol and all mood-altering drugs is our immediate and primary goal for patients, but the ultimate goal of treatment is to help patients and their families become better functioning and more productive without the use of alcohol or other drugs. Medical detoxification and medical stabilization are provided 24 hours a day as needed. All Bradford Health Services primary facilities are accredited by The Joint Commission.

Contact Information:

Walker Baptist Medical Center 3400 Hwy 78
Jasper, AL


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Additional Information:

Detox: Yes
Length: Individualized; average is several days-week
Cost: Dependent upon type of service
Services: Residential Only

State Certified: NA

Philosophy: Holistic, multidisciplinary approach, as well as the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous

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