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Dr. David Faber, M.D. (Addiction Medicine Psychiatrist)

Psychiatric Medicine- specializes in addiction, especially Medication Assisted Therapy (Suboxone Maintenance) for Opioid Dependence. Dr. Faber is a caring psychiatrist with over 20 years experience in treating mental health patients and has a special fondness for those suffering from chemical dependency; works very well with those suffering from both chemical dependency and a dual diagnosis: (i.e. depression, bi-polar, anxiety, ADHD, trauma, grief/loss, Traumatic Brain Injury, etc.)

Contact Information:

1109 Townhouse Road
Helena, AL


Website Information:

Additional Information:

Detox: Yes
Length: varies
Cost: call for cost
Services: Outpatient Only

State Certified: No

Philosophy: Advocates that if medication assisted therapy is indicated, (i.e. Suboxone) it must always be accompanied by an aggressive, ongoing, 12-step program. This doctor has great psychiatric knowledge about addiction as a brain disease. Psychiatric practice and specialized addiction medicine practice are run in the same building.

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