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IMPACT Family Counseling

Mission: Using Christian Principals to Build Strong Families Support Children and Empower Individuals IMPACT offers a variety of programs to all people regardless of religion sex race ethnicity age or disability. These programs include: Outpatient Counseling ?IMPACT has licensed and board certified therapists who provide individual couple and family counseling using Christian principles. Relationships That Matter ? A series of educational courses and seminars to help couples and individuals strengthen relationships and build healthy marriages. ?Healthy Relationship Courses ?Responsible Fatherhood Courses Mentoring ? IMPACT provides one-on-one and group mentoring services to children and young adults. Anger Management- An 6-week course that addresses conflict management strategies suggested by DHR and court systems. Family Strengthening ? A 6-week course designed to help parents and teen(s) build strong relationships by teaching family members to work together and resolve conflicts in a productive way. Fatherhood - A four week course operated to promote responsible fatherhood. Successful Schools ? IMPACT provides individual/group counseling and behavior aide support specialists in local school systems. ***United Way Agency

Contact Information:

1000 24th Street South
Birmingham, AL


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Additional Information:

Detox: No
Length: 4 Weeks
Cost: Sliding Scale
Services: NA

State Certified: NA

Philosophy: Philosophy

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