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Shepherd's Fold Inc.

Shepherd's Fold, Inc. is a residential life transformation center for men and women being released from prison. We aim to help residents find true freedom from the inside out through a life transformation in Jesus Christ and in making a successful transition from prison. Residents receive biblical studies, random drug testing each week, their own bedroom with shared common areas within a beautiful 2 bedroom town home apartment

Contact Information:

507 Whitmore Drive
Birmingham, AL


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Additional Information:

Detox: No
Length: Minimum 4 months-18 months
Cost: Entry fee EOS release $500 or parole $150; $145 mo
Services: Residential Only

State Certified: No

Philosophy: At Shepherd's Fold we promote what we call the Fold Model. The Fold Model includes: sharing the Gospel faithfully, providing food, shelter, clothing, and classes 4 nights a week. We help residents obtain ID cards, job [placement, basic financial knowledge courses, team-building classes & help obtaining a GED diploma.

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