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The Dannon Project

The Dannon Project (TDP) is a non profit organization that is committed to improving the physical mental and social well-being of non violent previously incarcerated persons juveniles at-risk youth and their families as well as their economic health while promoting the safety of Birmingham communities. The organization has been successfully providing reentry services to non violent ex offenders since 2001. The Dannon Project?s initial focus was to provide re-entry services to non-violent ex-offenders in Birmingham and Jefferson County Alabama. Our scope has broadened to include career training certification and crime prevention services for juveniles and at-risk youth.

Contact Information:

1600 20th Street South Suite B
Birmingham, AL


Website Information:


Additional Information:

Detox: NA
Length: Six months to one year or until attainment of completion
Cost: No direct cost
Services: Outpatient Only

State Certified: NA

Philosophy: The Dannon Project envisions a community where previously incarcerated persons and at-risk youth are provided ?second chances? and opportunities to have the tools and support needed to become law-abiding productive citizens and become able to participate in building healthy and safe communities. Our goal for effective prisoner reentry services is to interrupt the cycle of recidivism and help people successfully return to and remain in communities in Birmingham/Jefferson County Alabama.

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