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Alabama Teen Challenge Men's Campus (Induction Center, Selma, AL)

There are over 200 Adult and Teen Challenge USA residential programs throughout the United States. These Christian recovery centers offer a variety of programs that include drug addiction help, alcohol recovery, and services for youth, adults and families. At Adult and Teen Challenge USA, we offer a chance to start over, become a new person, live a godly life, and find freedom through a restored purpose and an eternal hope. We do this through classes, individual study, personal mentoring, work ethics training, and involvement in the Christian community. A full listing of the Teen Challenge centers across the nation can be found at: http://www.heal-online.org/tcdirectory.pdf.

Contact Information:

3888 County Road 261
Jones, AL


Website Information:


Additional Information:

Detox: No
Length: 12 months
Cost: $450
Services: Residential Only

State Certified: No

Philosophy: Holistic model of drug and alcohol recovery Faith Based

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