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Shepura Men's Center of The Jimmie Hale Mission Ministries

The Shepura Men’s Center is the oldest ministry of the Jimmie Hale Mission. At this facility, we offer a 160-bed men’s dormitory, a dining hall that serves over 300 meals a day, a clothes closet, chapel services and a learning center. For guests, we are a place of last resort for broken lives. At the Shepura Men's center, we provide structure, guidance and the means with which to amend lives. We give men the ability to hope again that can only be found through the true knowledge of Christ. We share this knowledge with them through: Bible-based recovery classes, individual counseling sessions, group and individual Bible studies, work therapy, education remediation and job readiness

Contact Information:

3420 2nd Avenue North
Birmingham, AL


Website Information:


Additional Information:

Detox: No
Length: 12 months (3 phase approach)
Cost: $0; FREE
Services: Residential Only

State Certified: NA

Philosophy: Faith Based

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