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Health care providers in Ohio are reporting cases of people abusing a type of incense sold under the brand name “Mad Hatter.”

This type of incense is not the same as the sticks that are burned to produce a fragrance, the Lancaster Eagle Gazette reports. Mad Hatter, a form of synthetic marijuana, is a green, leafy substance that can cause hallucinations and increased heart rate.
Last week, Ohio Governor John Kasich signed a law that makes synthetic marijuana and bath salts illegal to sell or possess. Since the law goes into effect in 90 days, Mad Hatter is still legal in the state.

David Davis, Director of the Emergency Services and Trauma Unit for Genesis, a hospital in Zanesville, OH, told the newspaper that they have seen several patients who have used the incense. “Patients are coming in agitated, vomiting, in seizures, paranoid or having hallucinations. The reactions are similar to those when ingesting the bath salts that seem to be on the rise.”

Mad Hatter is sold in three-gram packages that are marked “not for human consumption.” The green packages sell for about $25 each.

While some states have banned synthetic marijuana, also known as “K2” and “Spice,” manufacturers have already developed new formulas that skirt the bans. To avoid this problem, the Ohio bill includes an amendment that would make it illegal to produce any substance that is similar to Spice or bath salts after the bill is signed.

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# Lara
Tuesday, December 20, 2011 3:12 AM
After my personal experience with this product, I would not recommend it to any individual.
I had been using various "spice" products for around 2 1/2 years until I stumbled upon Mad Hatter. I would consider myself to be a pretty seasoned smoker, but the first time I tried this, it knocked my socks off. My heart rate increased, I felt a bit of nausea (which I thought was typical, those who have tried marijuana brownies will understand), my hearing became very sensitive, and within seconds, my whole body felt as if it tripled in weight and went almost numb, however, my mind was everywhere. I had never experienced something quite like that. It was nothing like any other kind of "spice" I have tried before. It got me higher than anything ever has, and I'm sure most can agree with that.
It was so incredible. I thought to myself "I finally found it! A convenient, perhaps safer, and LEGAL weed substitute, and it's even better than the real stuff."
Was I ever wrong.
I began using Mad Hatter as I would marijuana. Typically on my days off or before bed for better sleep, but the more I used it, the more I wanted it. The amount I was smoking began to increase, but I didn't think too much of it. I was just simply building a tolerance to it, and also, I had been smoking it socially as more of my friends heard about it. So, I shrugged it off. A few months went by, and I was completely consumed by Mad Hatter. Initially, I didn't realize how bad my problem was. Again I just contributed the avid desire to smoke to a tolerance and a little bit of denial. My family and my boyfriend started to become concerned, which was odd, they never complained about me smoking weed. But then I realized it... I smoke this all day long, every day, and I can't function with or without it. I would smoke in the morning upon waking, and continue to smoke throughout my morning routine. I would smoke on the way to work. Smoke on my breaks at work. Smoke on the way home from work. Smoke when I got home. Continue smoking until I would fall asleep. I would even wake up 3-5 times a night just to take a hit. I entirely stopped caring about everything but getting high. Over the period of around 4 months, I had spent well over $5,000 on smoking Mad Hatter and was going in debt over it. I was entirely addicted and showing several concerning side-effects. The side-effects of prolonged usage included constant abdominal pain, coughing up black mucus, insomnia, difficulty breathing, bleeding of the tongue, twitching of the eyes and face, intense weight and water weight gain, chest pains, heart palpitations/arrhythmia (skipping beats, or beating out of rhythm), bacne, dark circles under eyes and unexplained bruising/broken blood vessels on my body, slurred speech or stuttering, my hair started to fall out, my vision became impaired (my ability to see at night was almost nonexistent, and lights were very bright with alot of 'starring' around them), my teeth had become very sensitive because the Mad Hatter was begging to turn them translucent as if I'd been hitting a crack pipe, and that's just the physical effects. The mental effects included intense paranoia, dementia, hallucinations, ghost pains, apathy, complete loss in motivation, complete loss of ego and self-confidence, bi-polar like mood swings, deep depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, a constant feeling of loneliness, mental sharpness and memory retention drastically decreased. Nothing had ever fucked me up like this. If there's something that can suck the soul straight out of you, this is it. I felt like I was dying.
There are a few other bizarre things that occurred. When I first started purchasing Mad Hatter, it came in a green package. The product itself was unnaturally bright green and orange, very fluffy, and it had please ant blueberry smell/taste. It seemed like the product was getting dryer and displaying a more crystallized appearance with each package I went though. The crystals started to look more and more like powdered glass. The smell wasn't as strong as it was originally. The colours weren't as bright. I noticed it didn't quite feel the same as it used to in addition. Then, the colour of the bag changed. It was now red. I asked a salesperson why the colour of the bag was different. They claimed it was because of copy-cat products. I'm not sure if it's true or not, because up until the last bag of Hatter I purchased, the product was different almost every time and you could get green bags here and red bags there all across the state. A friend of mine actually got a Mad Hatter package that contained something that looked similar to K-2 (they look nothing alike), and another bag that had something that smelled like a tea bag in it. We smoked some and nothing happened. She was ripped off. But how? The packages were identical in every way. They were matching colours with real product. They stated the same thing on the back. They even had the same manufacturer/distributors name and website on the back and front. Wtf is up with that? I don't want to get too deep and trip about it, but Wikipedia Mad Hatter Batman Comics. Tell me that doesn't sound strange. I'm not the only one who has experienced all of this. People all over the nation are. People are getting addicted. Convenience stores are getting robbed. There have been numerous reports of people going to hospitals with signs of withdrawal or concern with side-effects. Whats more concerning, there have been numerous reports of people dying because they're smoking this stuff. People are having heart attacks, seizures, sudden death, some are even taking their own lives over it. It's not just 'people' either. Most of these are kids. They're children, and they're purchasing death by the gram at your local convenience store. This is what our parents tried to warn us about. It's time for a reality check.
When I tried to stop smoking it, it gave me withdrawals worse than anything I have ever felt before. I would get the chills, start sweating profusely, and shaking uncontrollably. The only way to describe the abdominal pain is that visceral organs felt as if they were liquefying inside me. Vomiting was abundant, even if my stomach was empty, I'd dry heave for hours on end. I couldn't eat or sleep. I experienced almost uncontrollable and painful diarrhea. My mood was awful and I had constant mood swings. I would do nothing but cry. Again, Mad Hatter made me feel like I was dying. I wanted nothing more than to go to the hospital, rehab, mental health center, ANYTHING! But I knew I had gotten myself into it, I had to get myself out. Eventually, I did. It was a very hard process that took some patience and alot of strong will, but I had alot of support and love that I am ever so grateful for. Over all, it took around a few weeks for the withdrawals to subside, and I've felt fantastic ever since. I still think about from time to time for some reason, but I know I'll never touch it again. It calls your name, you just can't listen. Life is way too valuable. If you or anyone you know has a problem, reach out! There is hope, and there is help! We are all better than this!!!
# tinna
Wednesday, January 18, 2012 3:11 PM
Hi, My nephew is cooked on mad hatter and is living with my 80 yr old mother because his mom died at 48 3 yrs ago.He is trying to wien hiself off of it now.Did you quit cold turkey? Do you think it's possable to wien off of it?He is bad. Gets the shakes and sick like you did but I'm afraid mom trying to wien him off is just a mistake.Would you be willing to speak or write to him?The poor kid is only 22 and a mess.Thanks Tinna
# Lara
Friday, January 20, 2012 1:27 PM
I quit cold turkey. It was the only way. If I would have went to rehab, they would have just put me on something else addictive and mind altering. I went to any place that I had ever purchased it from, and told them to refuse future sales to me, and they had no problem with doing so. I just had to run away from it as fast as I could, otherwise I was going to lose my boyfriend, my job, or even worse, my life. I still know some people who use it, and some use the excuse, "I only do it occasionally." but what they don't realize is how ridiculous that statement is. Do people use heroin or meth occasionally? And even still, does that make it ok? No.
I am willing to do anything I can to help you and your nephew with the situation. Please contact me through my e-mail, so we can further discuss this.
# Katie
Monday, March 5, 2012 9:17 PM
I have a younger brother who I swear is holked on the stuff. I have no idea how long he been doing it for,but he gotten bad. My brother can stay awake,he cant focus on anything. I swear he has coughed up blood. I really worried he already has losted his job. The only thing is that he is hiding that he is doing it. I found the madhatter in his bathroom. Even though its illgal i rather have him smoke weed. I so worried to leave him alone with my mother that he might do something and not know it. I dont know how to bring this up to him, hes not a child but he is 22. Please any ideas?
# eugene
Wednesday, May 29, 2013 8:20 AM
It calls my name I still think about it from time to time. The best way is to run out I got lucky that my state banned it was on for 5 months. never had withdraws like people mention they have. I cant believe with people suffering from this crack they dont legalize pot. No deaths no heart problems. Hungry happy sleepy. The government has fail us all.
# IOWP54
Tuesday, June 18, 2013 9:12 AM
I wanted to post my experience with Mad Hatter here so that it may help at least one person. I like Lara, was a well seasoned user of pot. When spice became available and wasn't testable at the time, I thought the same thing, "Wow, a legal buzz!". Then I tried the Mad Hatter. I was blown away. This stuff was better than any pot I'd ever tried. I almost couldn't drive home and thought I had gotten poisoned or a bad batch or something because of the difference.

I then started using as Lara, in the morning, on the way to work at break, on the way home, all during the evening, before bed, and waking up at least twice to hit it during the night. It was definatley first in my life!

I begin having abdominal pains (intense ones) then passing blood, teeth began to turn colors and hurt, couldn't see at night or in bright light, like mentioned above.

I finally admitted to myself that all this was not natural but was being caused by the Mad Hatter. I came out to my father, wife, and kids that I had a problem and had my father take me to the hospital. I told the ER doctor that I was addicted to Mad Hatter and wanted to stop, but the withdrawal symptoms made me feel like I was dying. He said that the spice/K2 was simply synthetic marijuana and could not cause the side effects I was describing. I'd sure like to talk to him again now!

I went through all their tests and got setup with an endocrinologist. I had a scope ran down my throat which revealed that I had bleeding ulcers. During the time I waited for these appointments, I continued to use as they said it couldn't be the problem.

I was then prescribed some medicine (acid reducer) and it didn't relieve any of the symptoms. After being caught by my 12 year old daughter smoking a couple more times, the guilt finally made me make a decision that I was not going to let it get the best of me any longer. For those of you that ask, you can't ween yourself off of it. If you have it, you are going to smoke it! I just had to quit, period! After about 3 weeks, I had no more symptoms and begin feeling what I could remember myself as being again.

It still calls my name also. The first 5 or 10 times I drove past the mini-mart that I purchased it at it was almost like my truck was turning in by itself. It is not easy, but definately doable and must be done. You just have to quit!

Mad Hatter is in a league of it's own, but so is the destruction it causes your body and life. I'm sure the reason it is still allowed to even be produced for resale has something to do with revenue in the Government's eyes. Very few of them are truly concerned about the way it really is and those few always get outnumbered.

For those of you without the will to quit. I would suggest checking yourself into somewhere that you couldn't get it. Even if they put you on something else to get you off it, they are trained on sending you out of there addiction free. But it always ultimately the individual's choice. Anyone else can only help you help yourself.

This all happened to me over two years ago. The only reason I thought about it now is because of a News article yesterday regarding two young men that kidnapped, raped, and killed a 19 year old girl locally and claim that they were strung out on the Hatter. That made me want to read a little to see if anyone else had an experience like mine with it. It looks like it's not just me.

That was my last tangle with drugs! You can beat them and live a normal life without a dependency, I am poof!

Hope this helps someone make a life decision.

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