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The number of college campuses with 100 percent smoke-free policies has doubled since 2011, to 1,182, USA Today reports.

Some universities are offering students help in quitting smoking, such as individual consultations and behavioral classes.

The University of Missouri’s Wellness Resource Center offers students free nicotine patches, individual coaching, personalized quit plans and peer support. Tiffany Bowman, a coordinator at the center, says hundreds of students, faculty and staff have sought help in quitting smoking.

At Emory University in Atlanta, counselor Willie Bannister says five to eight students seek his help in quitting smoking every year. “My work focuses on helping students gain an understanding of both the biological and psychological dimensions of their use,” he said. “We discuss the powerful rituals that seem especially connected to tobacco use —the cigarette with that first cup of coffee or the breaks that provide social contact for them. We identify people who will support the student in their new tobacco-free lifestyle … also talk about relapse prevention for the future.”

For a list of smoke-free campuses, visit the Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights website.

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