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Wal-Mart is taking steps to significantly boost alcohol sales, Bloomberg News reports. The company is devoting more shelf space to alcohol, offering discounts on beer and doubling the number of company alcohol buyers.

Beer can be found throughout the store, even in garden centers. The company is promoting alcohol in store circulars, and is building new stores that are designed to highlight beer.

In Dayton, Ohio, where state regulations prevent Wal-Mart from discounting alcohol, the company is offering mail-in rebates and $10 store gift cards, paid for by beer companies, when shoppers purchase beer with cross-promoted merchandise, such as lawn chairs or grills.

Wal-Mart’s new alcohol strategy will increase pressure on other retailers to make similar moves. Earlier this year, Dollar General announced the company would increase the number of stores selling alcohol. Family Dollar Stores also has announced an expansion of beer and wine sales.

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