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The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Washington, along with substance abuse prevention and treatment professionals, are calling for rules that would limit youth access to marijuana in Washington state, now that the drug is legal there for adults, The Seattle Times reports.

The state Liquor Control Board, which drafted initial rules for creating a legal marijuana system, asked for feedback on the rules by Tuesday. The board is expected to release its final proposed rules later this month, the article notes.

The groups recommended that marijuana be sold in packaging that is plain, opaque, tamper-resistant and child-proof. They proposed the packaging should not look like commercially branded candy, and not have cartoons or other images that might appeal to children. Additives such as menthol that might appeal to children should be banned. The groups also called for a ban on Internet and mail order sales of marijuana.

In addition, the groups say advertising should be restricted, similar to rules used for the liquor industry in the state. This would mean no advertising in school media; restricting promotion through contests, competitive events and coupons; and regulating outdoor ads, as well as industry sponsorship of public and civic events.

Messages that include information about keeping marijuana away from children, as well as the hotline number for the Washington Poison Center, should be posted at stores, the groups advise. They also call for warning labels that explain the product may be habit-forming, and list potential side effects.

The groups say the proposed logo for product labels, which features a silhouette of the state with a marijuana leaf in the center, should be revised, because the image could be viewed as the state proudly promoting marijuana. The existing state logo could be used instead, they suggest.



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