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Almost two-thirds of wealthy British women consume more than three small glasses of wine daily, which is greater than the recommended health limit, a new survey suggests.

The findings come from the research firm CACI, which examined women’s reported health and lifestyles in the wealthiest postal codes in Great Britain. The survey found women living in the wealthiest areas also have higher levels of mental illness, depression and nervous conditions, according to CNBC.

Men living in wealthier areas were not as likely as women to drink too much. Men did have higher-than-normal levels of nervous conditions and anxiety, the article notes.

Patrick Tate, who headed the survey, said wealthier women have free time and money to drink. “A lot of them are very sociable, and they don’t need to work,” he said. “They are typical ladies who lunch. They wouldn’t think twice about going shopping, meeting up with friends with a few glasses of wine and then having even more glasses of wine with their dinner.”

The survey also found in neighborhoods with a high concentration of professional soccer players, known in Britain as footballers, women were even more likely to consume more than the recommended amount of alcohol daily. Tate said footballers’ wives tend to be fit and healthy, so they are better able to mask alcohol’s effects.

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