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The first medical marijuana dispensaries in Washington, D.C., are expected to open later this month, ABC News reports. One will be located eight blocks from the U.S. Capitol.

One dispensary, the Metropolitan Wellness Center, will offer different varieties of marijuana, along with paraphernalia and marijuana-infused products such as brownies and beverages. The store will be protected by a high-tech security system. No one will be allowed to use marijuana inside, and users will be required to go directly home after they buy marijuana.

Once marijuana sales begin, only employees and patients registered with the District of Columbia Department of Health will be allowed to enter the dispensary. Patients must have one of a few qualifying diseases, such as AIDS, multiple sclerosis or glaucoma. A doctor must make a formal recommendation that the patient use marijuana, which must be certified by the Department of Health. Patients submit an application and pay a license fee, the article notes.

The dispensaries in D.C. will be illegal under federal law. Marijuana continues to be a Schedule I substance, meaning that it has no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse.



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