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A marijuana tourism company is opening in Colorado, the first such business in the nation, according to The Denver Post.

The company, called My 420 Tours, says it will pick up tourists at the airport, connect them with a marijuana-friendly hotel, set up marijuana-making demonstrations and tours of dispensaries, and provide tickets to marijuana-themed events and concerts. The tour costs several hundred dollars, depending on whether they are VIP or economy level.

The first package is designed to coincide with April 20, a date popular with marijuana enthusiasts, the article notes.

Company owners James Walker and Matt Brown cannot yet provide marijuana tours, because sales of the drug will not be legal to non-medical-marijuana patients for at least a few more months in the state. In the meantime, they will concentrate on helping clients gain access to events where marijuana is likely to be available.

The company is taking advantage of the state’s new law, passed in November, which legalized use and possession of up to one ounce of marijuana for adults over 21 in the state.

Al White, Director of the Colorado Tourism Office, told the newspaper his office will not provide the company with any marketing assistance. “There’s way too much to see and do in Colorado to use marijuana tourism as a platform for marketing our state,” he said. White added he is concerned marijuana tourism could hurt the state’s image, which relies heavily on healthy, family-friendly outdoor activities. “Legalized marijuana promotes just the opposite,” he said.



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