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The Florida House Judiciary Committee this week passed a bill that would add 27 substances to the list of controlled substances that are banned in the state. The bill aims to make it more difficult for makers of synthetic drugs to manufacture their products.

CBS Miami reports anyone who sells, manufactures or delivers, or possesses the substances with intent to sell, manufacture or deliver these drugs can be charged with a third-degree felony.

“This legislation is critical in addressing Florida’s synthetic drug problem, especially among the 12-29 year old age group who make up 75 percent of synthetic drug-related emergency room visits,” Attorney General Pam Bondi said in a press release.

In March 2012, the state outlawed 142 chemicals used in designer drugs. Bondi outlawed an additional 22 substances in December. The outlawed substances are various forms of bath salts or synthetic marijuana.

Synthetic drugs can cause psychotic episodes, hallucinations, seizures, paranoia and tremors.

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