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A task force in Colorado has issued recommendations on how to regulate marijuana, now that recreational use of the drug has been legalized. The final regulations will be made by state legislators, according to The Huffington Post.

The report includes 58 recommendations, including the need for a marijuana product sales tax initiative on the November ballot. The task force did not recommend a specific taxation rate, leaving that to the legislature. The group advised that during the first year of licensing, “only entities with valid medical marijuana licenses should be able to obtain licenses to grow, process and sell adult-use cannabis.”

They recommended banning marijuana use in bars covered by the state Clean Indoor Air Act, as well as places where tobacco smoke is allowed. They advised the legislature to ban open packages of marijuana in vehicles.

“This was ground-breaking work and the task force process went very well,” Co-Chair Barbara Brohl said. “It was supported by many committed and astute individuals who took the Governor’s charge very seriously. Task force members represented differing viewpoints, they addressed all issues in a well-thought-out manner and worked hard to develop sound solutions. The task force did all the ‘heavy lifting,’ but now a lot of follow up work has to be done in the coming months.”

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