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Marines cited for drunk driving and other drinking-related incidents will be required to participate in a new program that focuses on early intervention, according to the Marine Corps Times.

The “Prime for Life” program is an evidence-based intervention, which includes interactive programs that review facts about high-risk drinking. It is designed to assess high-risk behaviors, and influence changes in Marines’ attitudes and beliefs, according to a message to Marines signed by Brigadier General Robert Hedelund, Director of the Marine and Family Programs Division of Manpower and Reserve Affairs in Quantico, Virginia.

“We will equip our Marines with effective tools to promote readiness within our ranks. Alcohol education affords Marines involved in alcohol-related incidents an opportunity to effectively recognize and mitigate high-risk actions,” the message said.

Prime for Life is one of several new alcohol-related initiatives scheduled to be implemented this year, the article notes.

Earlier this year, the Navy and Marines announced they will start conducting random alcohol breath tests as part of a larger initiative to improve health and safety. The new program is designed to identify soldiers or Marines who may need treatment or counseling. Service members who test positive for alcohol will not be allowed to go on duty, but the incident will not be placed on their permanent record.

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