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Maine and North Dakota received the highest marks for being friendly to smokers trying to quit, in a report released by the American Lung Association. Georgia and Louisiana are the states least hospitable to smokers who want to kick the habit, according to the report.

The organization looked at smoking cessation programs and treatments offered in each state, and by the federal government, HealthDay reports.

Delaware, Oklahoma and Wyoming also received high marks for being quit-friendly, the report found. Alabama, Maryland and New Jersey were among the bottom five states in the report’s ratings.

“The level and type of assistance available to smokers is inconsistent state-to-state, insurance plan-to-insurance plan, and smoker-to-smoker,” American Lung Association President and CEO Charles Connor said in a news release. “By not helping all smokers, too many people are missing out on longer, happier, more productive lives.”

The report notes that several states have improved access to tobacco cessation treatments, including Missouri, Connecticut and Tennessee, which added coverage for all recipients of Medicaid.

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