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The Meth Project, a prevention program aimed at reducing teenage methamphetamine use, has expanded, adding online resources and a social media campaign.

According to the Associated Press, the campaign’s website,, offers information about the risks of meth use by answering teens’ most frequently asked questions about the drug’s effects. The website also invites teens to take action against meth use and provides resources for them to get help.

The site includes videos, animation, polls, quizzes and personal stories from meth users and their family and friends.

The program will be supported by advertising on TV, radio and print publications, and will also expand its presence on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

“The Meth Project has been remarkably effective in reducing meth use through its research-based prevention campaigns,” Dr. Kevin Kunz, President of the American Board of Addiction Medicine, said in a news release. “The data clearly demonstrates that if teens understand the risks of meth use, they will make better informed decisions, and usage declines. Until now, there has not been a central place where teens could get all the facts about methamphetamine. fills that gap and is a definitive source of information about meth for young people.”

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