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Parents and officials are protesting the appearance of candy shaped like marijuana leaves in stores around the country. The candy, labeled “Pothead Ring Pots,” and “Pothead Lollipops,” are made by Kalan LP, a novelty supply company based in Landsdowne, Pennsylvania.

The candy is being sold in 1,000 stores nationwide, according to the Associated Press. Andrew Kalan, president of the company, says the candy promotes the legalization of marijuana.

An angry parent in Buffalo, New York, brought the candy to the attention of the City Council. One Council member said he would refuse to grant licenses to stores in his district that sold the candy, as well as the synthetic marijuana known as K2.

The marijuana-shaped candy does not contain any illegal ingredients, according to the AP. The packaging contains the word “Legalize” and shows someone smoking marijuana.

“It’s the whole idea that it promotes drugs and the idea that, here, you’ll look cool if you use this — which is what gets these kids in trouble in the very first place,” said Jodie Altman, Program Supervisor at Renaissance House, a treatment center for drug- and alcohol-addicted youth near Buffalo.

Hershey stopped making Ice Breakers Pacs in 2008, after police in Philadelphia said the candy looked too much like bags used to sell powdered drugs.

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