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In a recent editorial in The Birmingham News,  Sheriff Mike Hale was commended because he has come to the table with a plan to continue funding for TASC (Treatment Alternatives for Safer Communities), a program that benefits many.  "Its work not only keeps some offenders out of the normal criminal justice system and out of jail, it helps keep offenders out of trouble by testing and sending them to treatment.  An evaluation of the program several years ago showed it reduced new arrests of those out on bond by 30 percent."

Oh, I read another editorial which states that "a person in the TASC program costs the county about $5.50 a day - someone in jail costs more than $50, so it's a 10 times savings on funding." 

We hope other leaders will come to the table with plans to fund programs that have a major impact on our community.

Statements in quotes were taken from recent editorials in The Birmingham News

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011 2:38 AM
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