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Don't let the shiny wrapper fool you. Some call it Scooby Snax, while others call it Puff Puff. Either way it's a form of synthetic marijuana and it's claiming lives in our area at a rapid rate.

"We're going to the funeral home a lot more frequently than we were 6 months ago, and it's ranging from teenagers to adults, this is not age discriminatory. It is hitting everybody. It's everywhere," said Clarke County Sheriff Ray Norris.

Norris can't confirm an exact number of deaths related to this drug because of Hipaa Laws, but a source who has seen these reports tells News 5 that at least 6 people have died over the last 3 weeks in Clarke County alone.

"I have not talked to anybody first hand about it, but we do know that people have died as a result of this and that the emergency medical folks in these rural areas are extremely concerned," said Virginia Guy with the Drug Education Council.

She says the drug is dangerous because of chemicals that are used.

"It's a chemical that is sprayed on a substance that is a little bit like potpourri and then it's packaged and sold and folks roll it, smoke it," said Guy.

Washington County Sheriff Richard Stringer tells News 5 Puff Puff is the number one drug right now in his county. He says they've had 2 close calls with juveniles almost dying in recent weeks after using the drug. He's actually waiting on an autopsy right now to determine if there was in fact a possible death linked to Puff Puff.

Posted: Aug 07, 2013 8:30 PM CDT
Updated: Aug 07, 2013 8:30 PM CDT

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