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Good afternoon!  On 02/09/15, my husband and I admitted our then 19 year old son to a residential young adult drug and alcohol treatment program out of state.  Allow me to share a portion of my "impact letter" to my son:


My days and nights are consumed with a suffocating sadness-for you see, I am mourning the loss of you.  I'm overwhelmed with the weight of it.  I'm ashamed to admit this to you, but once when I was at my lowest point-I prayed for your death.  A mother prayed for the death of her only son because she could not bear to see him suffer so in his earthly life knowing that in death he would step into eternity and finally be at peace cradled in the arms of Jesus. 


Today, 05/05/15, we celebrate 86 days of sobriety!  My son spent 11 weeks and 4 days at a wilderness residential treatment program.  He has since been admitted to a sober living home (also out of state) and he has been there for 4 days. 


Addiction is a family disease.  Recovery is likewise a family journey with all of us experiencing peaks and valleys.  We are learning to take it one day at a not dwell on the mistakes of the past and to not fret about the simply be in the moment.  There is nothing like a mother's love for her child to bring her to her knees!  I trust God and no matter the "final destination" of this addiction, recovery journey, He has given me peace that transcends all understanding. 


From the heart of this Mom! 

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