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My name is April. I recently spoke with Miss. Linda Hendrix, about speaking at a meeting. I would love to tell my story, to any and everyone,that's interested to hear it. I'm a recovering addict. My drug of choice was heroine. I have several triggers,that I used as a crutch. The biggest one,was losing a loved one. I started off small,with the addiction of Loratabs. I was taking nearly 15-20 a day. I met a man, who was also an addict. Although, I didn't know the extent of it until a month it so following. He was a Dillaudid addict. Which of course,I later started experimented. We stole from jobs, vehicles, homes, and families. Even our own. After about a month, maybe a little less, we were introduced to heroine. Our habits were growing,and so were the crimes, and constant abuse. We were nearly up to about $250 a day. Our crimes finally caught up with us. A Saint Clair County detective, arrested us,from a motel in a unsafe neighborhood in Birmingham. He made us sit in jail, to clean us up And dry us out. Had it not been for this detective, I feel in my heart, that we probably wouldn't have made it another week. See, we already had hit rock bottom. We were 3 days from getting our tax returns. This detective, praise God, definitely saved me from myself. I was arrested November 16, 2011, for Theft of Property 1st degree, and Burglary 3rd degree. I pled guilty, and was sentenced to 46 months of community correction,as a State Inmate, to the Alabama Department of Corrections. I have been clean since November 16th, 2011. I've been told numerous of times, how lucky I am to be alive, and when I Sat and thought of all of the dangerous and ignorant things I had done, there was no doubt that God gave me second chance. I humiliated and lost a lot of amazing people through that time of my life. My reputation was completely soiled. However, now, I have my own place, my own vehicle,a job,and I'm doing it on my own. Slowly gaining back the love and trust of the ones that I've lost. I feel that,by hearing story, that I could make an imprint on the lives of others. I know change is possible. I've seen it first hand. Addiction is it's own demon. I'm a walking and talking success story. I hope that you'll be touched by my story,and thank you for All of your time. To find resources for recovery, check out our resource directory.

Sincerely, April Robinson


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