Recovery Stories

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“My drugs of choice were pain pills at age 21 and crystal meth at age 28.  I hurt my back, was prescribed pain pills and got addicted and when I couldn’t get them anymore, I found something to take their place.

I knew my substance use was a problem after the first time I ran out of the pain pills.  I started feeling bad and only felt better when I got more pills or meth to smoke.

The addiction negatively affected my life because I lost my kids, my home, my job, lost my entire family – I lost everything.  I chose drugs over everything.  It hurt my family to see me the way I was and it made them angry that I chose drugs over them.

My husband burned my house down, I was homeless, got caught robbing a house went to jail and I knew that this was my chance to change.

Recovery is still a struggle.  On the days that I do struggle, I have people that I can talk to now to help me through it instead of someone passing me drugs to get me over it.

The people I work for play a big part of my sobriety.  I see how their lives are now (sober) and I want to be as strong as them and as happy.  I want to be able to see my kids again one day.

I would encourage anyone actively using substances today that life is so much better – no wondering where you are going to sleep or shower or eat.  You actually can work, save money, feel good about yourself and do something with your life other than focusing on where you were going to get more dope.”  

Monica received help from the Lovelady Center in Alabama. Learn more about this program on our Resource Directory.


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