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“My drug of choice was alcohol and THC at 13 years of age.   I began my addiction because I wanted to be accepted.  Then in 2004 everything in my life crashed – husband cheated – teenagers rebelled and my mother (my only & best friend) I was told was dying.  I was mad at God and wanted to die.  I started drinking and drank for 2 years.

I knew my substance use was a problem immediately, but didn’t confess until age 17.  I was drinking 24/7 for 2 years – not caring – watching everyone around me fall to pieces.  I quit and started smoking pot for a year.

Addiction negatively affected my life.  I participated in activities with others that I could never have done sober.  My brain was shut off, my feelings were numb.  I was so far from Jesus – Spiritually Dead!  My family was ashamed and embarrassed.  I was raised and taught better.  My children just continued to rebel.

Finally, I just did not want that life – it leads to death.  I had to remove myself from the world and surround myself with Jesus - so I sought treatment.  Being fed the word of God and having Jesus first in everything I do has restored my mind, body and soul.  I’ve been educated more in Scripture and understand what really it’s all about.

My accountability to Jesus helps me stay sober on a daily basis.  I would encourage anyone who is actively using substances today to accept Jesus , believe His word, commit to what it tells.  Confess to Jesus of sins, trust he gives strength to overcome.  Have a relationship with Him.  Everything else will fall into place.  Be full of love for Jesus!”

Kriste received help at the Lovelady Center in Alabama. Find more about this program on our Resource Directory.


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