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I did not start drinking extensively until I was about 38 years old. I drank a little bit as a teenager but accountability at home gave me limited access.  I do remember enjoying the way it made me feel and act as a kid.  I did not drink in college or my first few years of marriage.  My wife and I began drinking when I was about 26 year of age.  We drank socially.  In a few years, we were creating social events so that we could drink.  Drinking went from fun, to necessary for fun, to eventually medicinal--I had to have it to feel good.  In the Summer of 2012, I was drinking 14-18 drinks a day.  At one point, I was the keynote speaker at an event and I could not eat my salad because the fork noticeably shook in my hand.  My counselor told me to go to rehab--I chose an easier and softer way and went to meetings

     Two years later my addiction caused me the loss of my job of eighteen years and my marriage of 19 years.  I then went to rehab.  I now have almost 6 months of sobriety and God is slowly building my life back.  I have a job in the recovery field, and I get to see my children.  Most importantly,  I am at peace.  I attend meetings mostly on a daily basis, I call a sponsor, work the 12 steps, read literature and scripture, pray and help others.  I would tell the active addict to seek help and that there is always hope--no matter how desperate your life has become.   


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