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My name is Ashley.  I’m from Andalusia, AL and I’m 31 years old.  I have 2 little boys that are 7 and 5.  I am the oldest of 4 children.  I grew up in a good home.  We went to church until I was in the 3rd grade when my parents stopped going with us.  I started smoking cigarettes when I was 12.  I drank and smoked pot for the first time when I was 13.  By the time I was in the 9th grade, I was drinking every weekend and smoking pot on a regular basis.  Then I met this guy and thought he was everything I needed.  He smoked pot everyday so I did too.  I was a cheerleader and my cheerleader friends smoked and drank also.  I wanted to try to fit in by doing what they did.  By the time I was a senior in high school, my boyfriend and I broke up and I felt like my world had ended.  We got back together right after I graduated and moved in together, but shortly after that he cheated on me with my best friend.  I started hanging out with a crowd that I had never hung out with before and began using meth.  I used meth for a few months until I was held hostage by a guy I was dating.  He held me hostage with a shotgun and beat me until my face was black, blue, and swollen.  By the grace of God I was able to get away from him.  I stopped using meth, but the doctor put me on Xanax and other types of pills because of what I had been through and I immediately became addicted to them.  My life was out of control.  I had to have Xanax to wake up, to eat and to sleep.  I couldn’t go through the day without them.  I overdosed in 2011.  The doctors told my family that I may not make it through the night, but God had different plans for me.  However, at that time it still didn’t stop me from using drugs.  In February of 2013, I finally realized that I didn’t want to live that lifestyle anymore.  I went to a rehab in Gadsden and that wasn’t where I needed to be, so God opened the door for me to come to Alabama Teen Challenge on July 1, 2013.  Since I’ve been here at Teen Challenge, my life is the best it has ever been.  God has restored my relationships with my kids and my family.  I no longer have to have a pill to function.  I have a peace that I can’t even explain.  I now know that God has a wonderful future for me and my children.  I thank God every day for what he has done for me and for what he is going to do in my life and I’m super excited to see what he has in store for me!

Ashley received help at Alabama Teen Challenge.  To learn more about this program, please visit their page on our resource directory.


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