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Sherri's sobriety date is September 20, 2010--the day she entered the Fellowship House. Her journey began at the age of 22 when started using marijuana recreationally.

This is my story;  My name is Sherri K,I am an alcoholic/addict.  My sobriety date is September 20,2010 the day I entered the Fellowship House.  My journey began when I was 22 yrs. old, I started using marijuana recreationally .  I continued smoking pot on a daily basis for the next 8 yrs. without any obvious consequences.  When I became pregnant with my daughters my kidney shutdown and I was put on pain meds.  After the pregnancy my kidney regained function, however I was hooked on opiates.  My opiate addiction caused me to doctor shop and  buy off the street.  My career as a nurse was placed in jeopardy and I sought treatment in 2002.  After released from treatment I stayed clean 3 ½ yrs. only out of fear of losing my nursing license.  I went to AA meetings only to get my forms signed for the nursing board.  I did not work any steps, I thought I had control over my addiction by just abstaining .  In the Fall of 2007 I fell and broke my leg, and was so excited because I knew I would be able to take opiates again without fear of losing my nursing license.  I was put on opiates for pain and stayed on them for over 6 mos.  My addiction grew to the point that I began shooting drugs into my veins because the pills no longer worked.  I then was requested to either go to treatment for 3 months or surrender my license.  I surrendered my license because I didn’t have the money for treatment.  I stayed out another 3 yrs. using any drug that would get me high.  When I lost everything including my children, it was then that I became hopeless and ready to die.  I was ordered into the Fellowship House September 2010 if I ever wanted to regain custody of my children.  I went in reluctantly but still not surrendering to this disease, I just wanted my children back.  After being there 2 wks. I found a sponsor, surrendered my life to God and started working my steps.  The Fellowship House taught me that I have a disease can be arrested on a daily basis if I follow a few suggestions, and live by spiritual principles.  The steps have taught me how to live life on life’s terms without the use of drugs or alcohol.  It also has shown me why I used to begin with…..lots of character defects.  Today I attend AA meetings, work with my sponsor, and do service work.  Today I have a better way to live, and I live life one day at a time .  I give God all the glory in restoring me to sanity.

Sherri received help at Fellowship House. To learn more about this program, please visit their page on our resource directory.


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