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After 8 years of addiction to prescription medications, Jennifer’s husband asked her to enter The Foundry’s year-long residential program. She has turned her life around and is in recovery.

I started using pills to numb the emotions and pain in my life,” Jennifer says of her battle with addiction that began 8 years ago. “I became so physically dependent I’d have to wake up in the night to take them. They helped me escape and not deal with anything.”

As a result, she wound up losing everything –her marriage, her home and her job.

She tried several other treatment programs over the years, with no lasting effects. “I had small periods of sobriety, but I kept relapsing.” When she remarried and learned she was going to have a baby, she hoped this would be the catalyst to bring permanent change. “It was one of the happiest and healthiest times of my life,” she recalls. But her joy was short-lived. She stayed clean throughout her pregnancy but began abusing the pain medication she was prescribed as she recovered from her daughter’s birth.

“When my husband found out, he called The Foundry and told me it was my only option. He said he just couldn’t keep moving forward with our relationship the way it was.  He was concerned about my ability to take care of our daughter.” At first, Jennifer resisted the idea of a yearlong residential program because she didn’t want to be away from her little girl for that long. Then she realized God had already been at work in her heart.

Three months earlier, she returned to the home church she’d strayed from as a teenager. “The pastor was doing a seminar on spiritual warfare and it opened my eyes to my own life. I knew I couldn’t overcome my addiction without God.”

Jennifer met with our staff and asked, “What makes this program different from the others I’ve tried?” Our intake coordinator’s answer inspired her to step out in faith: “Here, we are Christ-centered and believe God can delivery you from addiction and you can life a free life.”

In her heart, Jennifer was ready to receive the gift of a new life in Christ.


Jennifer received help at The Foundry. To learn more about this program, please visit their page on our resource directory.


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