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Sandy survived physical abuse as a child, domestic abuse as an adult, a tornado, incarceration, losing custody of her two boys, addiction…Now the Lovelady Center has completely changed her life.

Little Girl Lost

I would like to tell a story about a little girl. She is a girl that you will surely recognize.  Perhaps you will even see yourself....

This girl was born into a lower middle class family as a middle child.  Her dad was a construction worker. Her mom, a cashier.  She grew up fully aware of how hard life could be. There was always a bill not getting paid, parents smoking marijuana, an abusive father, a mother afraid of what might happen next, a house in turmoil. A middle child. She never felt loved or favored or good enough or smart enough. She was a little girl lost.

She decided to apply herself in school, knowing this was the only thing she was ever told that she was good at. No matter how she excelled in academics, on the inside she continued to feel like something was missing. Her teenage years only confirmed how lost she truly was.

At the age of fifteen, the father that she had been raised to fear and the father that she grew to hate was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  Everything that she believed to be true about this man was proven wrong in his final days. He did love her...the only way he knew how. He did have a soul, a conscience, and regretted every wrong decision that he made in life, as a son, husband, and as a dad. He wasn't as scary and strong and immortal as she had grew up believing. And just when this little girl had the family that she had always dreamed of, it was taken from her. Now, more than ever, she was a little girl lost.

I could literally take hours telling you how this lost little girls life spiraled out of control for the next twenty (yes, twenty) years. Lets just say that she became a single teenage mom, addicted to drugs and men and everything in between. Sure there were days as a mom that she felt 100% loved and complete, but it never lasted long. After all, she grew up only knowing heartache and disappointment, never once encouraged to believe in miracles or herself. Somewhere along the way, she just accepted that she would always be a little girl lost.

Do you see her? No will to live. No sparkle in her eye. No hope for her future.

Well, I can proudly say that I am that girl! I am the girl that survived physical abuse as a child, domestic abuse as an adult. I survived being rape, a tornado, incarceration, losing custody of my two boys, addiction, and without a doubt, the most difficult struggle of all, I survived being a little girl lost!

The Lovelady Center has completely changed my life. I have learned things about myself that I never knew before. I have found a peace in my soul that I never thought was possible on this side of Heaven. I have found friendships that will last a lifetime. I have found Jesus. I have!

There are still hard days. I still struggle with my belief system about my worth.  I still have regrets about the time that I have missed as a daughter, sister, and especially as a mom. But the difference is today I can recognize a lie from the pits of hell and the truth about who God says I am. God is slowly restoring my relationships with my family and my boys. Perhaps the most valuable lesson of all is that I am no longer a little girl lost.

And I am not alone.

Sandy received help at Lovelady Center. To learn more about this program, please visit their page on our resource directory.


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