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With the help of The Foundry, Marsha learned that she wasn’t a bad person, and she ended a vicious cycle of substance abuse, prostitution and crime.

“I’m not a bad person, I just made bad choices-I know that now,” says 47-year-old Marsha, who came to The Foundry to end a vicious cycle of substance abuse, prostitution and crime.

She started using drugs as a teenager. To support her habit, which had escalated to crack cocaine, she became an exotic dancer and prostitute at 18. She soon realized not only did she need to work to buy drugs, she needed the drugs to numb her heart and soul to the kind of work she was doing.

“To go out there and dance-to make money-you had to be high,” she recalls with regret.

Marsha had grown up in church, so she knew there had to be more to life and tried desperately to find it. She struggled through a dozen drug treatment programs…got married and had a child…even taught Sunday school and sang in the choir. But nothing could break cocaine’s cold, steel grip. She left her family and began staying with “friends,” in motels or wherever she could find a place to sleep. Sadly, the type of shelter she grew to know best was a jail cell. She went to prison three times on drug-related charges.

When she was released last year, the judge allowed her to join The Foundry’s Recovery Program. Marsha knew coming to The Foundry might help her finally understand-and achieve-God’s purpose for her life.

Marsha was at The Foundry for over a year and rededicated her life to the Lord. “No matter what I’ve been through, God still loves me and I have been forgiven. I don’t have to look down on myself anymore,” she says. Marsha is studying for her GED.

Marsha believes God created her to love herself and to love others, and she wants to help other women who have used drugs and are struggling to overcome painful pasts as she once was. “I want to show them that God is able to pull them through anything,” she shares. “They don’t have to live that way anymore-there is a better way to live. The best peace is to find God.”

Marsha received help at The Foundry. To learn more about this program, please visit their page on our resource directory.


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