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After enduring sexual abuse as a child, Megan was introduced to marijuana and prescription pills by a relative at the age of 12. She eventually became addicted to heroin. Megan found help to let go of her past hurt and to stay in recovery at The Foundry.

The sexual abuse started when she was 4 or 5 years old. First it was a neighbor. Then an older student. After an uncle raped her, he was sent to prison.

When she was 12, her stepbrother introduced her to marijuana and prescription pills. At 14, she used heroin for the first time. “I loved it-I was doing it every day,” says Megan.

Her mother, a traveling nurse, knew something was going on. She and Megan’s stepdad tried sending their daughter to a private school, but Megan was suspended because of her drug use. She ran away and stayed with her stepbrother in a “dope house.” She overdosed and ended up in the ER where she barely survived.

After several attempts at residential treatment programs, she remained clean for a few months, but with her mom away from home and her stepdad working nights, the freedom was just too much to handle. She went to a party, got drunk and was sexually abused again.

“I was feeling so much self-pity, I threw away all my staying clean and sober. I finished high school-barely.” She overdosed again at a graduation party and re-entered treatment. When she was released, her parents brought her to The Foundry.

“I was mad at my mom and stepdad for bringing me here,” Megan says. “But now I’m glad. This is the longest I’ve ever been clean.”

“When I was in other rehabilitation programs, I didn’t have anything to hold on to after I went home. The Foundry gave me a relationship with God. They’re teaching me how to live, not just how to be clean.”

“In my family we didn’t talk about the bad things. But they were going to eat me up inside if I didn’t discuss them with someone. They taught me to let go.” Her work-therapy assignment at the SuperThrift Outlet gave her a sense of structure and accomplishment, which led to self-esteem and confidence.

Megan received help at The Foundry. To learn more about this program, please visit their page on our resource directory.


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