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After her business failed, Lisa’s alcohol abuse increased. She eventually lost everything, including her home and was hospitalized due to her alcohol abuse. She is now helping others through The Foundry’s Women’s Recovery Program.

“Lisa’s career as a teacher gave her life meaning. She was good at it too, winning local, state and national awards. But her success masked a destructive secret. “I drank for a long time-for years. I didn’t drink every day, but when I did, I had a hard time drinking just one. I was probably an addict but didn’t know it.”

Lisa changed jobs over the years-every one was a step up-until she finally started her own business. But when that failed, she explains, her alcohol abuse increased. “I cut myself off from my family and friends. I turned away from God. I lost my home.”

With nowhere to go, she lived three months in a rented storage unit until her money ran out. Although she didn’t want to be a burden to her family, she was forced to move in with her sister. And her drinking continued until she had to be hospitalized. “At that point I knew I needed help. I couldn’t keep living the way I was living,” she says. When she was released she came to The Foundry and met volunteer teacher John Bucciarelli.

As part of our Women’s Recovery Program, John teaches a class one night a week and draws from his own life experiences. He was abused as a boy and struggled with drugs as a teenager. Later he and his wife lost their jobs and their home and their young daughter passed away. Now he’s dedicated his life to ministry and is especially drawn to those who have suffered abuse, addiction and loss as he has.

“The ladies at The Foundry just tug at my heart,” John explains. “I feel at home and comfortable around them. I’ve been where they’ve been. And they seem to love my class. Their feedback has always been positive and they tell me they look forward to coming.”

“John doesn’t have to be here, volunteering his time. But he’s so incredibly committed to it,” Lisa says. John’s giving spirit has inspired Lisa to use her own passion to help others too. “When I stopped working with kids I lost my purpose. Since I’ve been here I’ve become a big sister and now I’m the dorm supervisor. I spend a lot of time talking, listening and praying with these women. It’s given me a purpose again. I believe God is calling me to work at The Foundry in some fashion.”

Lisa received help at The Foundry. To learn more about this program, please visit their page on our resource directory.


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