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Bridgett was an addict by the age of 14. She lost her children as an adult due to her addiction and attempted suicide. She is now clean and shares how her life has changed for the better in recovery. 
This is my success story.  My name is Bridgett.  I am 30 years old.  I have used drugs since I was 13 years old.  I have 5 children.  I used drugs for all my adulthood.  It’s sad to say but I don’t even remember turning 20.  I came from a family that everybody used it seems like.  By the age of 14 I was a full blown addict.  I loved how it took my painful feelings way, it took all my feelings away.  At the age of 18, I had my first kid.  Then by 19 I had 4 kids.  The twins was 6 months old when I lost them.  My grandmother got custody and when that happened I went crazy.  I lost myself that day.  My life was crazy in and out of jail, not seeing my kids for months, sleeping with men I didn’t even know.  I was hopeless and very helpless.  I thought that I was going to die a junkie.  I lost my mother in 2009 that took me to a place I had never been before.  Within that year that I had lost my mother I tried to commit suicide 4 times and I didn’t want to breathe anymore.  On January 6, 2010 I went to rehab.  I had found help and I took it.  I stayed there until Dec. 24, 2010.  Within that time I had got a job and still worked there.  I moved from where I was raised and changed all my friends.  I done really good for a little while then I relapsed and I lost everything that I had gained plus I was pregnant.  I used up until I was 5 months.  I have been clean since February 4, 2013 because I caught new charges and went to jail.  I came here on June 19, 2013 – 3 days after giving birth to a healthy baby girl.  I recently went to court on my charges and after the outcome of court I know that my Higher Power put his hands on my life and saved me that I can do this.  He is giving me another chance to get me together.  I am very grateful for this place because it has already taught me so much about recovery.  I also want to thank the people who helps me daily to see that I do have a disease and its of my mind and it’s called ADDICTION!

Rhonda received help at Aletheia House. To learn more about this program, please visit their page on our resource directory.


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