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M.'s life has changed for the better since receiving help at the Lovelady Center and being in recovery. She has reestablished relationships, had a beautiful daughter and a successful marriage. Learn her path to recovery.

Until I was about 8 years old my dad was an alcoholic. I remember him going out with his friends and leaving me , my mom, and little brother at home. When he would come back he and my mom would always scream and yell and sometimes throw things at each other. Then one morning after my dad and one of his friends had been out drinking he found out that his friend he had been drinking with had a wreck and almost died. It scared my dad, he quit drinking and we started going to church every time the doors were open. I got saved at the age of 12.  I knew God and I knew that God gave His son to die on the cross to save us from our sins.

 I got married, he cheated on me and then we divorced. I then started dating my soon to be second husband. I got pregnant, then gave birth to my precious 7lb. 10oz; blonde haired blue eyed son. I was 19. My son's father asked me to marry him, but i was scared at first that it would end the same as my first marriage did. Finally i married him February 1999. He cheated on me and we divorced 2002. I was devastated. I kept thinking why does this keep happening to me?  I then met my to be third husband. That marriage was a joke, he wouldnt keep a job and ran all of our bills to the limit. We were together for about a year and we separated.  I was working for the postal service as a contractor.

 Then i started dating a guy I had known for years. I knew that he drank, but not how bad. I also did not know how violent he got. Well i had lost my grandmother and my mom, i had been married and divorced 3 times and now was with a guy that drank everyday all day, wouldn't work, and hit me and talked to me any way he pleased. I was scared to leave and i was afraid for my son to be around him, so my son stayed with my dad most of the time. My boyfriend also popped pills. Then he started doing cocaine. He tried to get me to do it with him a couple times; but I refused. Then one night he kept on and on, and I was in a "my life sucks" mood, so I gave in. I was hooked....... I felt numb. I didn't have to think about how bad I thought my life was.  I had fallen away from God. I was lost!

Well I had a fuel card with the postal service. I actually had 2, one was in case I hired someone else to help with my job. I have always been bad about losing things. I had lost several drivers license, things like that. I could not find my fuel card. Come to find out my boyfriend was using it at a small country store to buy beer and cigarettes with, then trading that to the dope man for cocaine. By the time I found out the truth we had both gone from snorting cocaine to smoking crack, so I didn't care as long as I was getting high. During my addiction I lied to everyone I cared about and that cared about me. I lost everything I had. I ended up sleeping in a tent cause we had no where else to go. It was a sad pitiful life. I lost my job with the postal service. The card got turned off. We had no way to buy or dope. We started writing bad checks. Mostly it was me writing them cause I would believe him when he would say I will get the money to pick it up don't worry. I even lied to myself and believed it. I thought in my warped drugged out mind that everything was still normal and no one knew I was on anything. When I would come down from my high I would cry, cry for what I was doing to my son and I missed him. Then I would take another hit and convince myself he was happy and just fine with my dad. Finally one day I decided I was done. I wanted my life back! I turned myself in on the bad checks I had written and went to jail. The feds had a hold on me because of misuse of the fuel card. I stayed 4 days in my county jail, then the U.S. Marshalls picked me up and took me to Montgomery County Jail. The next morning I went before the judge and he gave me bond and put me on pre trial probation. My court appointed lawyer told to me to go to NA or AA and get a job. So I did. About 5 months later I went to court and the judge told me I was going to do 18 months in Women's Federal prison. My lawyer asked to speak to the judge in chambers and when they came out he said he was going to take a chance on me and send me to The Lovelady Center. My sentence was 3 years probation, a year at The Lovelady Center, and 6 months House arrest. I packed my bags that night and a lady from my lawyers office took me to The Lovelady Center the next day. That was March 28th 2008. I was nervous but proud to not be on my way to prison.

I had prayed and prayed that God give me another chance. By the time I got to The Lovelady Center I had my head clear, i had not done any drugs since the day i turned myself in. I was determined I wanted my life back and that i was going to do this if not for myself then for my son. As I went into my classes at The Lovelady i was learning about God again. And it felt like home. I knew i was where i was supposed to be! The center helped me find a job at a grocery store. I worked there a few months then a driving job came available in transportation for the center. I got the job and loved it. I completed my classes and graduated after 6 months. I still had 6 more months before i could go home so i got moved into a graduate house and still drove for the center. I loved my job. I still knew i was right where i belonged. I had women that looked up to me that i drove to and from work. They told me stories about their lives and asked for my opinion on things, and i felt like i helped a lot of women. The only thing that was not how i wanted it was i didn't get to see my son as much as i wanted to and my dad still had a wall built up between me and him. I prayed God would soften his heart and he would let me back in. Well today i have my dads full trust back. I left the Lovelady April 1st 2009. I struggled with paying bills and restitutions for a while. I completed my house arrest. Then i met my current husband February of 2010. He is a wonderful man and my past does not matter to him. I got pregnant with my beautiful daughter And gave birth to her December 2010.  I finished probation March 28th 2011. My husband works hard at a good job and he is a Sergeant in The Army. I am a stay at home Mom, and my son who is now 16, has forgiven me and we spend as much time as we can together. My son loves God and he goes on trips like World Changers to help others. God has put me right where i belong and i know none of this would be possible without Him and The Lovelady center. My life is wonderful! God Bless!

M. received help at Lovelady Center. To learn more about this program, please visit their page on our resource directory.


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