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Lisa shares how grief, divorce and depression led her into addiction. She was eventually arrested for cooking meth, but has been clean for over a year with the help of the Lovelady Center.

I was born and raised in Columbus, Mississippi – a town of about 23,000 (about a tenth the size of Birmingham).  I grew up in a pleasant but very average middle-class neighborhood - Everybody knew everybody.  Both of my parents were very intelligent.  My mother did not finish her college degree however she had a good job.  My father had a B.S. degree in history and a Master’s in Education Administration form Miss. State – he was high school principal/vice principal.  They are 2 of the most genuinely honest people I’ve ever known and both very compassionate.  My father died when I was 19 – my first year in college.

I was a good student in high school.  Involved in almost every extra curricular activity offered – band, color-guard, cheerleading, softball, batgirl, math & science team, student council, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, National Honor Society . . . and still managed to graduate with honors in the top 5% of my class.  I attended church regularly and had strong faith.

After my father died, I grieved of course.  Seems like about that time that “life” got so busy and I stopped going to church as much.  I married at 21, had my first child at almost 23, worked 2 part-time jobs, and attended college full time.  I started teaching high school at 25 – things really got busy then!  My first husband & I (high school sweethearts) ended up divorcing after 5 years of marriage.  I jumped into a 2nd marriage a year later. BIG mistake!  He was an alcoholic addicted to ephedrine (when it was still legal over the counter).  He became very abusive – mentally and physically.  That’s when severe depression set in.  We had 1 child together but divorced after only a year.  I began taking an anti-depressant however I also began drinking some (for a time) to “escape” the depression but of course that only added to the problem.  It was during this time that I met my youngest child’s father but, like my 2nd marriage, the relationship had no foundation.

I prayed for years and years for God to deliver me from the depression and send me a good man.  He sent me a good man – my husband, Jamie –however Jamie had had some issues with meth in the years prior to us meeting.  Jamie was ADHD as a child and has even had to continue taking Aderrall as an adult.  He had been clean 9.5 years when meth came into our life  - Jamie ran out of his aderall.  All started out “innocently” enough.  In the first couple months after trying meth for the first time, we only smoked it maybe one day of the weekend.  Then it became a couple times a week.  Then Jamie started “cooking” and we used everyday for the next 7 months – shooting it the last 2 months before we were arrested.

God answered my prayers on that day – He took that drug out of my life, He provided a way for me to get back to Him, to know Him better – He got me to the Lovelady Center.  Since I’ve been involved in this program my faith has not only been re-established, it has become an almost tangible thing.  And although my depression is not gone, it is far less debilitating. He is teaching me how to use it for His glory, to recognize it as my thorn, and He is the only “medicine” needed.  I’ve worked as a GED instructor at TLC for 9 months and I’ve been clean for just over a year now! PTL!!!

Lisa received help at Lovelady Center. To learn more about this program, please visit their page on our resource directory.


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