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Barbara struggled with addiction for 45 years. She is now in recovery. Learn how she received the help that she needed at Lovelady Center.

My name is Barbara and I am 60 years old. I was born in Walla Walla, WA. but was raised in Seattle until I the age of 12, then moved to San Antonio, TX. I used four about 45 years. I don’t remember much of my childhood in Seattle except for my uncle fondling mewhen I was around 6 years to 7 years old; and the fact that gymnastics which was my life. I was a promising gymnasts’ and when we moved to Texas they didn’t have a gymnastics school. I felt like my identity was gone and started rebelling. I smoked my first joint around 13 years old and started drinking around 14 years old. I went from this to taking Dioxin, (a diet pill), which I had easy access to as my Dad was a drug rep for Abbott Laboratories. I got pregnant at the age of 13 and my mom and dad moved took me across the border to Mexico, to have an abortion which took two days. I got pregnant again at 16 years old and married that man. I had a beautiful little girl. After a year we was divorced. I was 17 years old and was not in school. Back then they didn’t allow girls that were pregnant attend school.

Anyways I got my first at a company that built computers (they were big back then) building circuit boards. I drink every night after work. From here escalated rapidly. I have most every drug there is at onetime or another.Ran with some very, very shady people. Smuggled pot from Mexico to Texas. I lived with a hit man.

I met my last husband (third husband) while I was catering concerts in Texas. He was a private coach (bus) driver on Tina Turner’s Tour. I served him breakfast and that was it.I flew out to San Diego and around the end of the tour I asked him to marry me. This marriage lasted 23 years and I thought this was my soul mate. In our 22nd year I had back surgery and found out I had HEP-C in pre-op testing. Went through the treatment, which I didn’t tolerate well and three days after I gave my last shot he said he wanted a divorce. I was over the edge and devastated. Here at the age 56 I was dumped on my own. He tricked me in the divorce and saying we would remarry. I had ran up the credit cards in my name and we wanted to keep the house and the three acres from being attached. I was a mess. After I signed everything over to him he told me we were not remarrying this 2009.

I enter Bradford for painkillers, muscle relaxers and Xanax basically opiates. Stayed only 13 days and got out. I was living with my daughter and family, stayed there for two years and my doctor had put me on Suboxone for my back. I wanted off and talked to a nurse and got step-down directions as you don’t just stop. Well he wrote a prescription for Phenobarbital and Phenergan. I started taking these and got that warm fuzzy feeling and overdosed, killing myself. My granddaughter watched my run into the wall and go face first on the kitchen floor. Revived by the EMS. In the psychiatric ward for six days and daughter picked me up from Brookwood and took me straight to the Lovelady center where I have been for two years. Best thing that happen to me except birth of my Daughter.

Lovelady has helped me, scared me, loved me, and giving me a reunion with my heavenly father. I remembered had given my life to the lord when I was nine years old. Daddy took myself and my little sister to see Billy Graham and I answered the call. It has been tough sometimes as I am finding out who I am. My relationship with my daughter has been restored. I have a job and I am going to get my own apartment. I am sober and loving it. I am scared, but very excited about what life has for me now.

My hope is that every woman that passes thru the Lovelady will meet Jesus. I thank God for the Lovelady. I pray that this place will be here for the hurting and lost woman until Jesus comes. It reunites moms and their children. It helps women get GED, job and on and on and on.

I know things like no hot water happens, but it is a place for us to sleep in a bed and know we will eat and we will hear the Good News and even when your family is not here you will still hear I love you over and over.

Thank you Lovelady!!!!!!!

Barbara received help at Lovelady Center. To learn more about this program, please visit their page on our resource directory.


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