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After 25 years of struggling with drug addiction, Desmond was able to receive the help he needed. Learn how he recovered through a program at the Firehouse Shelter.

Desmond remembers the day well. July 24, 2010 was when he walked into Firehouse Shelter heavily depressed, suicidal, addicted to drugs and homeless. The day is etched on his mind as the day he totally surrendered to a new way of living. “I was exhausted, physically and emotionally drained,” said Desmond. “Debora Williams (Shelter Case Manager & TEAM Pre-Treatment Substance Abuse Case Manager) saved my life.”

He learned that his coping skills (dealing with being divorced and failing in his role as a father) were poor. Divorced in 1983, he began using drugs to cover up the pain, guilt and shame he felt. His problems worsened one day at a time. The slow decline led him to eight different cities and eight treatment programs over a 25 year period. Each relapse dug a bigger hole until that day in 2010 when Desmond began to learn how to be patient, to ‘be real’, to be still.

“I have learned to sit still and to let God direct my paths. My energy level has returned over the past 2+ years and though setbacks have come my way during that time, I now deal with life on life’s terms. My mind has been transformed by giving back, staying in recovery-mode, volunteering my time at the Shelter and filling myself with more of God. All of this I learned at The Firehouse Shelter!”

To learn more about Firehouse Shelter, visit their information page on our resource directory.


# Traci
Monday, September 2, 2013 3:12 PM
Awesome story of recovery! I loved it.
# Traci
Monday, September 2, 2013 4:39 PM
I am proud of you, I admire you, and I'm happy for you! Keep going.

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