Recovery Stories

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"Before I went to prison, I got saved," shares 43-year-old Kevin. "God took away the desire for drugs I'd had since I was a teenager. He opened all kinds of doors for me. I had my own business. I had a wife and kids, and we were happy." Then pride came knocking on Kevin's door. "I'll never forget that day-I decided to get some drugs, and I took that first hit out in my shed. Right then, the devil started in with the lies: "God turned his back on you. There's no hope, there's not a chance."

Kevin was sent to prison and lost everything he loved. When he was released five years later, he was homeless...and he called The Foundry Rescue Mission and Recovery Center. "They said I'd be on a waiting list, and I didn't think I'd make it. I was shooting enough drugs to have killed a normal person. Finally they said, 'Come on in.'" Kevin entered our Recovery Program at Foundry Farm near Cullman. "After I'd been here about a month, I asked God back into my heart, and it was healed. Since then, He's done amazing things in my life. He's made me whole."

Now Kevin is an intern and project supervisor at Foundry Farm. Recently God presented the opportunity for him to help heal the life of a Cullman neighbor in need. He voluntered to do some painting in her home, and while there, he noticed she had no running water, holes in her floor and many other repairs that needed to be done.

"The place was in real bad shape," Kevin says. "It reminded me of when I was out in the world-before I came to The Foundry-living on the street and eating out of dumpsters. If it hadn't been for God putting people in my path to give me a helping hand, I wouldn't be here today."

Kevin gathered a crew of Foundry Farm residents and they put linoleum on the neighbor's floors, installed cabinets and ceiling fans and made electrical and plumbing repairs. The Foundry donated a refrigerator and stove, and the crew shared God's Good News, too. "Before we were done, we were talking about Jesus and reading the Bible with her. You know God is in it when it all just falls right together," Kevin says.

Kevin's story comes from The Foundry. Visit their profile to learn more.


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