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Melanie's story as shared by Michele Heintz, Director of Women's Ministries, The Foundry...Melanie moved back home to Alabama to start her own business, and the next thing she knew, she woke up in the emergency room after a drug overdose. That was a wake-up call, but it was only temporary. She went into treatment and got clean. She became heavily involved in her church and even served as a volunteer here at The Foundry. Then she went to graduate school to get a degree in counseling. Instead she met a man who knew drugs as intimately as she did and rekindled her addiction.

For two years the couple lived in abandoned buildings or out of their car. They were in and out of jail and treatment centers. And he physically abused her. "But still I chose him over everything else in my life," she told me. "Over school. My friends. My family." Her life was shattered. At that point, the only help her mother was willing to offer was to direct her to The Foundry.

I can only imagine how tough the decision to enter our Recovery Program must have been for Melanie. After all, she was once a teacher here, a respected mentor. We were shocked when we saw her. Three cracked ribs and black eyes. An empty shell of the woman we once knew. "I've been hiding from the world for so long, leading a double life," she shared with tears in her eyes. My heart broke for her.

Today we're helping Melanie put the pieces of her life back together. That's how I often think of what we do here at The Foundry. You see, overcoming addiction is so much more than just learning to say "no" to alcohol and drugs. It's repairing self-esteem. Restoring family relationships. Re-establishing accountability and job skills that were lost when addiction destroyed all motivation to work. It takes time, because the damage runs so deep.

Melanie's story comes from The Foundry. Visit their profile to learn more.


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