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My name is Olivia, I am recovering drug addict and also a Focus Alumni. When I came to Focus drugs had beaten me down and I was a hopeless and broken woman. A few years before entering into recovery drugs had taken me down a very dark and lonely road. This way of life left me numb and spiritually empty. When my son was born the State of Alabama, DHR, stepped in. They said that I was an unfit mother and they placed him to live with family members. For the next ten months I continued to use drugs and soon realized that something had to change. I realized that no one, not my son, my family, nor self will would keep me sober. Drugs had finally beaten me into a state of reasonableness and I finally became willing and asked for help. I had lost my son, my loved ones and my self worth. After completing a 28 day in-patient treatment facility I was admitted at Focus. I quickly realized that I did not know how to live life without drugs. I did not know how to be a mother, a friend or a useful member of society. Focus began to help teach me how to become all of these. One of the first things that I remember at Focus was that I had started laughing again and it had been so long since I had laughed. I began to learn how to have relationships with other women in recovery. I started feeling better and had begun to learn how to fit life into my recovery. I started spending time with my son and re-establishing the relationship with my family. I had  finally found that there was a solution to all my problems and it did not require using drugs, thanks to Focus, the 12 Steps of AA and sponsorship.    

Eight months after completing the Focus program the State of Alabama returned custody of my 2 year old son to me. They said that I was now a “Fit” mother and now DHR is no longer a part of our lives. Looking back at my journey over the past year and a half I am so blessed and grateful for God’s Grace.  It is through the Grace of God that I am sober and have been given the gift of being the best Mommy I can be to my beautiful son. Now every morning I get to hear my son calling for me, saying “Mommy I need you”. He does need me and he will always need me and that is a gift that sobriety has given me.  I am honored to be able to work with and give back to the current residents of Focus and other women in recovery. I still smile when I realize that the daily things that I do to maintain my sobriety are the things that I was taught at Focus. I would have never imagined that life could be this good but it is. I am grateful to Focus for helping to save my life and giving my son his Mommy back.  

Olivia's story comes from Focus on Recovery. Visit their profile to learn more.


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