Recovery Stories

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Lawrence is happily married, employed full time with benefits and is the proud owner of a Chevy truck. In addition, he has been clean and sober for nearly 18 months; adding that when he started “hangin’ with positive people”, his life started to change. Lawrence attributes all of this to God’s blessings and his connections with the AOH Church and The Firehouse Shelter.

After spending 45 days in jail, Lawrence began putting the pieces of his life back together. He spent nine months at The Firehouse Shelter. Being “a jack-of-all-trades,” he took one day labor jobs, getting to and from work on a 10-speed bike. Lawrence eventually found full-time work as a roofer for Techta America, purchased his truck, and bought car insurance.

“I was in crisis and The Firehouse Shelter offered me a place to stay and fed me. I had nowhere to turn, had lost everything and Rob (Shelter Coordinator) and Nicole (STOP Case Manager) listened to me, connected with me emotionally and provided good honest advice. They gave me a new sense of direction for how to start living again. Ain’t no tellin’ where I would be if it weren’t for Rob & Nicole.”

Lawrence’s story comes from The Firehouse Shelter.Visit their profile to learn more.


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