Recovery Stories

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I was raised by my mother in an extremely tough housing project and despite her best efforts, I quickly became engulfed in the pursuits of the world. My mother developed cancer and passed away while I was a teenager and my situation rapidly spiraled out of control. I accumulated everything that the world told me was important: a wife, house, cars, money and success.  However, I did not factor God into the equation and used pain killers to try to fill the void. I believe God allowed all of these things to be systematically removed from my path so that I would be receptive to an incredible blessing in the form of Teen Challenge.

I have come to realize that God has truly redeemed me and has plans to prosper me. This redemptive process is a great mystery hidden in the heart of God. But I know that it is true, not only because the Bible says it is true, but because I have seen its effects in the lives of many people, including my own. It is the ground upon which we can know that confession and forgiveness are realities that transform us.

David's story is from Alabama Teen Challenge. Visit their profile to learn more.


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