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I had a great childhood; nothing traumatic happened to me while I was growing up. I was in church every time the doors were open and gave my heart to Jesus when I was eight years old. When I was thirteen, my parents decided to get a divorce. Their divorce took a really big toll on my life. My mom and I moved a couple hours away; new school, new friends, and a new life. Both of my parents remarried, and I started to play them against each other. By the time I was fifteen, I had moved in with my dad and was smoking weed every day and drinking on the weekends. I managed to keep my drug use under control for a few years. During my high school years I had everything going for me. as a cheerleader, prom and homecoming queen, and class favorite, I was everything a girl could want to be, but I continued to fill the God shaped hole in my heart with things of the world. My senior year of high school I took a few college classes, and that’s when my drug habit began to get out of control. I began skipping school, and when I did go I would be high. Shortly after starting nursing school, I dropped out because partying and getting high was more important.

After I dropped out of school, I became involved with a drug cartel that was trafficking drugs back and forth from state to state. It wasn’t long until my house was raided by the FBI, and I was under federal investigation. Soon after, I tried crystal meth for the first time, and it had a stranglehold on the next two and half years of my life. At nineteen I completed a twenty-eight day program only to get out and do the same things over again. This time things began to spiral downhill. I became an IV drug user. I was shooting up several times a day and doing whatever it took to get the drugs. I would wake up in jail not knowing how I got there or what jail I was even in. I tried to get clean time and time again, but I just couldn’t do it. I was at my rock bottom and didn’t know what I was going to do. That is when God stepped in.

I was arrested again for a public intoxication charge because I hallucinated that I had run over someone. I called the police on myself. I went from jail to jail because I had other charges for probation violation and failure to comply with drug court. This time the judge decided another twenty-eight day rehab program wouldn’t work so he gave me the choice of twelve months at Teen Challenge, and possibly prison time after the program. For the first two months, I fought a relationship with Jesus, but once I decided to let go of everything and surrender everything to Him my life radically changed. I have begun to have restoration with my family. All of my charges have been dismissed off my record, and can never be brought up again. After I graduate from Teen Challenge, I am moving to Mobile to attend Reality Masters Commission. I have decided to follow God’s will for my life no matter where He may take me, because I know God has a plan for me!

Rachel's story is from Alabama Teen Challenge. Visit their profile to learn more.


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