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My name is Samantha and I was born May 9th 1988 in Chicago, Ill. I was born into a poor family that was very negative and abusive. My mother Sheila was twenty two years of age. Who already had three children and was addicted to cocaine and Heroin. My father was 18 and homeless and also addicted to cocaine and Alcohol. As a child I really did not have the best environment. My family was very dysfunctional. At the age of eight years old I was sexually abused by my step father he was arrested and released due to poor health. At the age of ten my mother passed away. She had contracted H.I.V. through sharing needles with her partner at the time I was then living with my older siblings who were eighteen years old and younger and addicts also at twelve years of age I was introduced to my first use of illegal drugs my sister and her partner gave me a shot of Heroin and then raped me. From then my sister began to force me into prostitution by injecting me with narcotics and letting men abuse me to get money I was taken away with my younger siblings and placed in my eldest brothers care who resided in Alabama shortly after that I was placed in a Behavioral facility and at the age of sixteen was placed in foster care I emancipated out of the states care at the age of eighteen and then began my addiction first to painkillers and marijuana and then to cocaine and Crystal Meth. I had my first child at the age of nineteen my second child at the age of twenty two. By that time I was in an abusive relationship and was full blown in active addiction I had become an I.V. user. My children were taken by the state and placed in care I gave up and no longer cared I started manufacturing Meth. I was busted by narcotics task force and was incarcerated while being in jail I found out I was pregnant with my third child I was then released on probation and got out got high and was then sentenced to Rehab through Rehab I was able to get clean and learn a new way of life. D.H.R. is giving me a second chance and now working with me on getting my children back. I have found God and worked through my past struggles I’m thankful for my life and all that has happened cause of it I am the person I am today being sober and having God are two of the best things in this world.

Sam's story is from the Aletheia House. Visit their profile to learn more.


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