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My name is Sherri, I am a recovering addict/alcoholic.  My sobriety date is September 20,2010.  I have struggled with my disease for half of my life.  I am a nurse by trade however, addiction has claimed that part of my life as well.  I finally decided to take the shovel out of my hand September 20,2010.  I guess you could say that is when I surrendered to this disease.  I had  to lose everything in order to surrender to God.  It doesn’t have to be that way, but for me it HAD to be that way.  I lost my nursing job in 2007,managed to hang on to my children until May 2010.  My 2 teenage girls were taken from me as a result of drug use.  I lost my home and was homeless by July 2010.  My consequences were really piling up and quickly.  My DHR caseworker recommended TASC through Jefferson County Drug court, at first I was not ready to give up the drugs, but after several months I surrendered.

I was admitted to  the Fellowship House in Birmingham on September 20,2010.  I lived there for 3 months, going to meeting’s, getting a sponsor, and becoming TEACHABLE!   This was the best thing for me, being at the Fellowship house.  I have made half measured attempts to get sober in the past at treatment facilities such as Bradford & UAB.  The fellowship house  taught me humility; we were all were given daily tasks/duties. When I went in I didn’t see the similarities with other addicts, only the differences.  I thought I was special, I was educated.  Today I know I am no different than the alcoholic/addict living on the streets.  Addiction strikes people of all socioeconomic groups,races,and education. 

With gratitude, I was the first graduate of Jefferson County Family Drug court TASC program.  My children were reconciled with me May 2011.  I am currently working on reapplying for my nursing license.  I am active in the fellowship of AA,have sponsees,and live life one day at a time.  I have shared my story to Jefferson county social workers, spoke at meetings, and even participated in a video that will be shared with the various court systems. 

I am a miracle, my life has changed so much for the better.  I am truly blessed, and live by spiritual principles on a daily basis. 

Sherri K

Sherri discusses The Fellowship House. Visit their profile to learn more.


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