Recovery Stories

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My Testimony

           My childhood was spent in and out of foster homes. My father was a lieutenant in the Hells Angels for over 22 years. I never got to meet my mother because she left me when I was born. I guess she couldn’t handle the life style my dad lived. I started doing drugs at the age of 13, by 15 I had been in a lot of serious trouble with the law. Once I got out I did good on my own for a while, but eventually my lifestyle came back to me. What I really mean is that I wasn’t doing heroin anymore or anything that involved a needle. However the only time I wasn’t getting high was the 5 years I was married. See, I got saved then married and I was really happy with how everything was going for the first time. I didn’t understand how to grow spiritually and that was something that I really wanted to get better at, instead of just going through the motions. Then all of the sudden my life took a turn for the worst that I didn’t see coming.
            My wife came to me one day and told me that she wanted a divorce. It wrecked my life, I had no idea how to handle it. I cursed and blamed God then started cooking dope again as a way to rebel. I didn’t care if I lived or died. Life had no meaning or purpose whatsoever to me. In 2004 my father turned me in for cooking dope. I was given a $25,000.00 bond but that didn’t stop me, I was able to get out in less than 7 hours. You would think that I would have learned my lesson and would take this opportunity to fix my problems. I did the exact opposite of that. I actually went from bad to much worse and in less than a year I was locked up again this time without a bond. I was locked up for 14 months and then a friend found out I was in there. She started sending me stuff about God and the Bible.

            I started to read the Bible and understand it. I studied constantly in and out of his word. I wanted to be a part of this whole Christian thing. In just a few months of having turned myself over to him I was granted a bond and was now able to get out into the world. I look back at how God moved in my favor. I tried to do right when I got out but had no one to help me and I couldn’t get a job. I started getting high and cooking dope again. I had forgotten about God and his amazing grace but I didn’t attend church like I had promised. I was arrested once more and I had violated an 8 year sentence and the D.A. wanted to give me a life sentence for all the bad I had done. When I thought I was at the end of my rope, God blessed me once more.

            I came to the Foundry Farm on June 8th 2009. I started to learn who I was in Christ and how much he loved me. I even learned how to read and write. After my graduation I was asked to stay and become the property manager as well as work supervisor. I was also to start teaching the orientation classes for all the residents that come in. I am now the Program Manager and oversee everything at the farm. The Journey has been more than tough, but with God in charge of my life, I went from being a drug addict to someone who gets to inspire and change people’s lives. I never would have believed that my life could be so blessed after everything in my past. I thank God for giving me purpose and as I plan for the future I know the sky is the limit.

                                                May God bless you as he has me.

David's story is from The Foundry. Visit thier profile to learn more.


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