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I have been a addict of one thing or another since I was 16. I’m 27 now so that’s a long time. Like many, it started with pot. Up until I was around 23-24 pot and the occasional cocaine was all I used. Growing up it was always around. My parents smoked so it didn’t seem wrong to me. Just like they did, I found it relaxing after a very busy day. My mother is a alcoholic so I found it also helped me block her out. Soon I realized when I was high, I didn’t feel so depressed. So I started to use everyday, almost all day. By the time I was half-way through my junior year, everything started to fall apart. My parents marriage was disintegrating and she drank very heavily and started fights with us. Also I found out how behind they were and that we were loosing the house and property my grandmother gave us. My home for the last 10 years. So I quit school, with straight A’s, honor society all my life and scholarships. I remember my health teacher crying. I did this so I could work full time to save our house. I thought if I did maybe the stress would lessen and maybe they wouldn’t divorce and my mother would not need to drink so much. However for all my good intentions, I failed. We did end up losing our house. But during the time of me working, I used alot, until I found out I was pregnant with my daughter. I quit everything after that. Having a baby wasn’t in my fiance’s plan though, so he left. But I was happy. I was going to be a mother. When we finally lost the house, my sister who was pregnant too, me, my brother, and mom moved. My parents finally had enough of each other. I had my daughter who was health, because I was sober during pregnancy. I then started smoking again. When she was 3, me and my son’s father started dating. We got married and had him. Again I quit using pot during pregnancy. When he was around 2, I started smoking crack. Although it wasn’t everyday. Then I did meth for awhile. Then I tried heroin which is my DOC. My husband and I divorced. I moved to my aunts house and for a year was sober. After working it out with him a year later we move back in together. When things went bad and I started using K4’s. That led back to heroin. I was a IV user. This time I couldn’t stop. I did ask for his help alot of times. Finally we fought so much that I moved to my dad’s. I sent my kids to live with family, before DHR got involved. However my son’s nana needed temporary custody so after us filing a petition, they told her to call DHR. I was mad at first but, I never would have found the treatment facility I am in now. So now I am thankful. I have almost 8 weeks clean now. I now have a chance to have a good life and when I leave here and finish Family drug court and other things DHR wants, I’ll have my kids back. I feel blessed because I know if I would have stayed out there I would have ended up dead and my two kids wouldn’t have a mother. Thanks to my family who won’t give up on me, my kids, this treatment facility and God, I have a future.

Ashley's story is from the Aletheia House. Visit their profile to learn more.


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