We need you to help stop drug and alcohol addiction in Central Alabama.

By joining the Addiction Prevention Coalition, you are partnering with other committed individuals and our partners in seeking ways to limit the impact of addiction in our community.  

To join the Addiction Prevention Coalition as an organization, please click here. If you are an individual, continue to the bottom of the page.

Purpose of Joining

  • Reduce the supply of drugs and alcohol through enhanced enforcement and improved legislation
  • Reduce the demand by advocating for long-term cultural change
  • Reduce the impact by focusing on reducing relapse
  • To help service providers target improvement in their operations
  • To facilitate excellence and promotion of best practices
  • To provide the community with a clear view of the real impact and cost of addiction
  • Highlighting the need for expanding capacity
  • Helping the community see both the toll and humanity of the impact of addiction
  • Helping to take away the shame of addiction in favor of support and accountability


By joining the Addiction Prevention Coalition, I commit to the following:

  1. I will not use illegal drugs and not use legal drugs illegally.
  2. I will help promote awareness and knowledge of addiction while helping cultivate a community wide commitment to eliminate addiction in Central Alabama.
  3. I will actively encourage others to join the Coalition.


Tell Your Friends

Make the Addiction Prevention Coalition known to others. Spread awareness by telling your friends, family, co-workers, and business associates to join the Coalition. Help us accomplish our mission by promoting the Coalition on your blog, facebook page, twitter, or by regular everyday conversations.  We simply need to spread awareness.

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